Dear All,

Bands for Lands is excited to move forward into a new direction! January 1, 2014 will mark a new chapter in the organization's 17 year history. In a more transformational and profound way than ever, we will be an integral part of the movement to educate, inspire, entertain and empower individuals, businesses and communities to live in more direct sustainable harmony with the Earth. We are not only introducing outside ideas, but equally giving individuals and organizations the chance to express and implement their own concerns and solutions into our collaborative approach.

We will be working with continued and newly formed partners to address & identify interconnected issues within society affecting the state of our planet such as poverty, racism, classism, gender equality issues etc., and working with communities to come up with successful solutions to these societal ailments.  We believe that an educated & harmonious society creates a healthy planet.

Please stay tuned as we will unveil our exciting new direction and strategy on how we will achieve our mission and objectives set forth, come January 1st 2014.

~BFL staff