Dear All,

After 16 years operating as Bands for Lands, the board of directors and the incorporators decided after much contemplation that it was time to take things to a whole new level and rebrand the organization. We are thrilled to share that in the short time since making this transition, we have involved ourselves in some exciting ventures we believe will make a seismic impact in positive ways!

Introducing Tindakan, a nonprofit that educates, inspires, entertains and empowers individuals, businesses and communities to live in more direct sustainable harmony with the Earth. We are not only introducing outside ideas, but also equally giving individuals and organizations the chance to express their own concerns and solutions. 

Tindakan focuses on planning, producing and hosting events; providing project & event management; producing and facilitating edutainment workshops, panels and discussions and ultimately through an ongoing and perpetual production of creative, empowering mediums and strategic forums; Tindakan aims to raise and promulgate awareness while simultaneously generating revenue that will fund entities focusing on eco-social justice issues and solutions based concepts.

Tindakan also aims to bridge the gap between younger generations and more-established networks by encouraging youth to become involved in altruistic projects in creative, energizing and enduring ways.

Please visit to check out the amazing things we are working on or to get involved! 

~BFL Staff & Board